Alexia ©


 Alexia is my baby girl Granddaughta’.

She has my heart just like she auta’.


 Her Daddy is Nefty.

He’s our Son of whom we are proud.

His Mom and I shout it out loud,


 They live in Tampa.

Someday we hope their residence they will revampa’.


 She went with her Dad to see the Bucs play.

She said they had a great day.


 She saw some big boys,

some girls too.


 The boys were playing, the girls would cheer.

The Bucs lost, but wait’ll next year.


 Her Daddy works in low-voltage.

In his job he drives a truck.

He does that to make a buck.


 Her Grandma she loves.

She loves her so much.

One of the things she loves about Grandma is her soft gentle touch.


Grandma strokes her hair to make it all pretty.

When she finishes they go into the city.


 Grandpa usually stays behind.

Most of the time to unwind.


 We got her a perfume set.

She hasn’t seen it, not yet.


 She’s on the Honor Role at her schools.

Yep, she breaks no rules.


 She wants to play ball just like her cousins.

 I wish they lived closer so her playing we could see.

I miss her so.

If we could see her more, happy we would be.

 Christmas she’ll be at our house.

I hope she won’t be quiet as a mouse.


 I’ll go now and talk to Santa Claus.

So, on Christmas Day,

he won’t stay away.


 Merry Christmas Alexia, Star Bait and all.

I think you’ll grow to be six-feet tall.


 GC      12-2010




 M.J., you’re the first Grandson I ever had.

If I had any before you they’d probably all be bad.


 You’re my first Grandson.

On that you can depend.

Grandpa will never have one again.


 You’re the one.

You’re the BEST.

But, then again, so are the rest.


 Coach and Aixa gave us you.

They knew Grandpa and Grandma would never again be blue.


 I look forward to seeing you in the pros.

But then again, who knows.


 Even if you don’t make it,

whatever you do don’t try to fake it.


 A Doctor you could be, a Lawyer perhaps.

But, when you get older take plenty of naps.


 I know you love your little Brother, your Dad and your Mother.

I know you love Grandpa and Abuela Mimi too.

I want you to know, we love you.

That’ll never change.

That we can arrange.


 Grandma Modis loves you.

She told me so.

Please understand, she had to go.


 To go to Heaven to be with my Sister.

But, we sure do miss her.

 She didn’t get to see you play much here on Earth.

She’s looking down now.

She never misses your games.

She’s your biggest fan.

But, what she’s most proud of, she’ll get to see you

grow up to be a man.


 A man you’ll be.

A great man I know.

I love you so much, but someday I’ll have to go.


 With Grandma Modis I’ll watch your games.

I may talk to you some.

I’d like that a lot.

But, I would never want to stir the pot.


 I grow more proud of you every day.

Your Parents and Abuela Mimi are great.

They’ll show you the way.

 I love you Shark Bait.

To see you again,

I can’t wait.


 Grandpa Chris     12-2010


 Jayden ©



 Jayden is my youngest Grandson.

But, he feels he’s the best.

The way you know that is he often puts his Mother to the test.


 I don’t mean a test on paper.

I mean the one where he pulls a caper.


 Mischievous he is.

But I think it’s just show biz.


 He’s a little actor.

He’s like someone out of Fear Factor.


 He likes to read.

His parents get him lots of books.

They don’t want to impede his path to succeed.

 He likes his schools,

 but sometimes the teacher says “he breaks all the rules”. 

 She says he talks a lot.

But I always say “tell ‘em, whacha’ got”.


 With his teachers he uses a lot of tactics.

But he told Grandpa it’s only theatrics.


 He plays baseball for his Dad.

His Dad knows he’s one of the best he’s ever had.


 They didn’t win too many games this year,

but his Dad showed no fear.


He knows how to coach.

His tactics are beyond reproach.


He’ll get them better.

If not, he’ll call in a baby setter.


 His Brother is a State Champion, a National one too.

Peanut will be.

Time is on his side.

Time which he needs to ‘bide.


 He loves his Abuela Mimi.

He often calls her up and says,

Abuela Mimi, please come see me”.


 His Grandpa Chris, I think miss he does.

I hope he does ’cause I’m that Grandpa.

I don’t want to be the Grandpa who never was.


 Grandpa Chris adores him.

He calls him on the phone

whenever he’s alone.


 He loves to fish.

A big game fisherman he will be.

You just wait and see.


 His refrigerator will be filled with fish he caught.

They won’t be store bought.


 I’ll close for now.

Abuela Mimi is calling me.

Our boys we will soon see.

The older they get we just can’t let them be.


 Peanut, aka Alligator Bait.

No, wait.

His Momma says,


I better call him that.

I will, ‘cause of her,

I’m afraiden’.


 GC      12-2010



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